What are your prices?  Please ask us, or check in aimyPlus, as schools have different times and therefore different prices.

When will I be invoiced?  1 weeks in advance, payment is due 1 week in advance.

What is your Cancellation and Credits policy? Term time: 2 weeks’ notice in writing, Holiday Programmes: 48 hours’ notice in writing to admin@play-time.co.nz.

Do you charge for Public Holidays? Yes, if your booking is Regular (not Casual), and falls on a Statutory Holiday or a Teacher Only Day/Parent Interview Day, then you will be charged the regular rate. If you book for a Teacher Only Day full-day programme, the regular care cost for that day will be off-set on the Teacher Only Day fee.

I’ve informed the school that my child will be absent, will the school tell you? No. Please inform us directly. Each venue has a direct contact number to txt or call 07-5778587. If your child is on our roll and does not arrive, and we cannot locate them, we have to call the police.

Do you provide food? We provide a light Afternoon Tea at After School Care as per the Weekly Planner. Toast or Sandwiches are available every day for those children who don’t want the alternatives offered.  No Afternoon Tea is provided during Holiday programme.

Do you cater for special diets? We provide gluten free crackers and fruit for gluten free children. If your child requires more than this, please pack extra for them.

Do you do homework? We provide homework supervision, not tutoring, for the 6pm (Long) Session children at 4.50pm-5.10pm. We call for Homework and children must come to us when we do this. We do not force children to do homework and we will liaise with parents if children refuse. We find this non-threatening method works well. Please let us know if your child must do homework while with us and we’ll do our best to encourage them to complete their homework.

Can my child bring his portable device (mobile phone, iPad, etc)? We prefer children not to bring devices as we provide a variety of activities to keep children busy, focused and occupied. However, they may bring devices at their own risk and play during free time. We do not allow other children to watch them while they’re playing.

Do you sunblock the children? We practice sun safety from September to April (Term 4 - Term 1) so we would like children to wear hats. We provide sunblock which we apply before going outside. If you have a preference for a particular type of sunblock, we suggest that children bring their own, either kept in their bags or labelled with their name and we can keep at the venue.

If you have a question that isn't answered here or on our website, please feel free to contact us
For more information see our 
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FAQs also available as a PDF here

Are you a NZ owned company?  Yes, we are an independent (not franchised), 100% NZ owned company.  You will be supporting Bay of Plenty and NZ local. :-)
What are your staff to child ratios?  According to OSCAR standards, minimum ratios are 1 staff member:10 children, but we usually operate much higher staff:child ratio's.  If we are walking to a venue or on a trip day during the Holiday Programme, minimum ratios are 1:8.

Is Play Time OSCAR approved?  Yes

Do I qualify for WINZ?  Please contact WINZ as your subsidy is related to your circumstances.  You need to do this at least 2 weeks BEFORE your child is due to come to Play Time as WINZ need time to process your application.  If your application is not processed before you require care for your child/ren, you will need to pay in advance as per usual payment procedure and once WINZ pays Play Time, you will be refunded the portion that WINZ has paid on your behalf.

I qualify for an Oscar subsidy, I need my forms signed.  You must have already made your booking with Play Time because we need to put this information on the Oscar forms.  Please put your name on your forms and give them to the Lead Supervisor for us to complete and sign.

Where can I book?  Jump online, www.play-time.co.nz and click a Book/Enrol button.  Please make sure to click FINISH at the end of your booking.  You will receive a CONFIRMATION OF YOUR BOOKING via email.  If you do not receive this within 24 hours, please contact us as it means there is no booking for your child.

I don’t have Internet; how can I book?  If you are already enrolled, simply txt us and we can book your child in.  If you are not enrolled and don’t have internet, either we can enrol you on the tablet at the venue (as long as we have time, usually later in the day would be best for us to do this) or ask the staff for paper enrolment forms and when you get them back to us, we’ll enrol your child.

Call Thurla: 021 1919 222  Email: thurla@play-time.co.nz  Tauranga, Bay of Plenty New Zealand

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