With so many years experience under our belts, we've compiled a list of parents' and caregivers' most frequently asked questions!  We're sure all your questions will be answered here, but if not, please contact Bruce or Thurla.


Are you a NZ owned company?  

Yes, we are an independent (not franchised), 100% NZ owned company.  You will be supporting Bay of Plenty and NZ local. :-)

What are your staff to child ratios?  

According to OSCAR standards, minimum ratios are 1 staff member:10 children, but we usually operate higher staff:child ratio's.  If we're walking to a venue or on a trip day during the Holiday Programme, minimum ratios are 1:8.


Is Play Time MSD OSCAR approved? 

Yes, we hold Level 3 SSAS accreditation.

Are all your staff Police Vetted? 


Do you have space? 

This is probably the #1 question asked, but it's nearly impossible to say!  Booking requests are approved in the order they are booked (as long as the account is up-to-date).   It's never possible to confirm if we have space for sure because it depends if there are already booking requests waiting to be approved.  The best is to make a booking request on aimyPlus and we will check to see if we have space, if we do, your booking request will be approved.  If we don't have space, we will let you know that we don't have space.


Where can I book? 

Jump online, www.play-time.co.nz and click a Book/Enrol button anywhere on the website or here is a direct link to the Play Time portal in the aimyPlus booking site.  Please make sure to click FINISH at the end of your booking. 


How do I know if my booking is confirmed? 

On your aimyPlus Parent Dashboard your booking will go from PENDING to CONFIRMED.  If you are not sure if your booking was confirmed, please check on your aimyPlus Parent Dashboard.  Note that as per T&Cs agreed to at the time of booking, payment is due before attendance.  Per T&Cs, overdue accounts may incur 10% interest.

My child's name doesn't show up when I try to book?  

Check your child's age in their profile.  If their age isn't recorded as being between 5-13yrs, the system will not allow a booking for them, as they are "seen" by the system as the wrong age!  

What is your Cancellation / Switching Days and Credits policy? 

Term time: 2 weeks’ notice in writing to admin@play-time.co.nz

Holiday Programmes: a full 48 hours’ notice in writing to admin@play-time.co.nz (ie. our day starts at 7.30am or 8am at some venues, so we need to be informed 48 hrs prior to starting the day, for the cancellation to be eligible for credit/or for a switching day request to be checked for space). 

Please note that per T&Cs cancellations or switching days MUST be in writing and not verbally advised to the staff - for the safety of the child, we need written confirmation of cancelled or switched days.

We have booked a session but my child has been invited on a playdate / my child has been sent home from school / my child isn't going to school today, so cannot attend the booked session - must I still pay / can I get a credit for the session?:   

If your child cannot attend a booked session:  without the appropriate notice (2 weeks for before/after school care and 48 hrs for holiday programme), we will mark them absent.  The session is still charged (no credit for the unattended session is due). 


Do I need to let you know if my child cannot attend?  

Yes! As part of the enrolment T&Cs, you must let us know via txt to the Venue Absence line. Each venue has a direct contact number / absence line to txt.  If your child is on our roll and does not arrive, and we cannot locate them, or get hold of you, for the child's safety, we are required to call the police to locate the child - we would all prefer to know your child is safe so this doesn't need to happen!

What number must I txt if my child will be absent? 

Text the venue that you have booked in to let the staff know that your child will not be there. 

Find your Venue Absentee number here and it is also on the 'booking blurb' before you booked.  Note that it is part of the T&Cs that you advise us of absences on the Venue Absentee number.


I’ve informed the school that my child will be absent, will the school tell you? 

No. Please inform us directly by texting the Venue Absence number.

What are your prices? 

Each venue is different.  Please check in aimyPlus and then search for your venue.  You will need to register, but there is no obligation to book.


Do you have hourly rates? 

No we have session rates.

Is there a minimum number of days that we need to book?  Do I have to book every day?  / every week?

No, you can book just one session, and you can book Casual sessions (as and when you need care). 

Note that Casual sessions are subject to space being available.


My child is only 5 / my child is new to the school, do you pick them up from their classroom?   

We can pick children up from their classroom until they are comfortable coming to meet us - please let us know via email to admin@play-time.co.nz that you would like us to collect your child from their classroom (please include child's name, school and classroom number).   Please also let the teacher know not to release the child after school, as Play Time staff will come to collect the child.  Please let the teacher know that we may not be waiting outside when the bell rings, as we may have a "walking bus" and collecting all the children from their classrooms takes a few minutes.  Note that under Covid rules, some schools do not allow adults into the school, and in this case, the teacher would normally bring the children out to us. 


Where must my child go after school?   

If the after school care is onsite at the school (either in the hall, or in another room) your child must go there.  The room we are located in is listed here.

Where is the pickup spot? 

Click here and scroll down to see a map of the pickup spot at your school (click on your school for the map)

How / when do I pay? 

You will receive an invoice via email and invoices are strictly due before attendance.  Overdue invoices may incur 10% interest and your account may be put on hold (see T&C's).


When will I be invoiced?  

For regular bookings:  every Wednesday for the following week's bookings. 

For Casual bookings:  immediately. 

For holiday programme bookings:  immediately.

Payment is due in advance of attendance.

Must I still pay / am I credited if my child can't attend a booked session?

Unless advance notice is given (see T&C's for cancellation policy), the session is still charged as all planning eg. staff bookings/rosters have been made according to the confirmed roll (number of children booked).  The cancellation policy is also on the pre-booking blurb, and also noted above.

I only just made a late booking request last night for today, but have changed my mind/my circumstances have changed and I no longer need the booking - can you cancel the booking because it was made so late / reissue the invoice/raise a credit note for me?   

Late/last-minute bookings require a lot of intensive checking. 
If the booking has not yet been confirmed, you can change your booking online, and remove what you don't need.
If the booking request has been confirmed: the normal cancellation policies apply.  Once your booking is confirmed it means that an admin has checked the last-minute booking for space and may have booked another staff member to accomodate that late booking.  Play Time is prepared to accept/look at last minute/late bookings, but as per T&Cs once the booking is confirmed, the normal cancellation policies apply (which means it cannot be cancelled, as it's a last minute/late booking and 2 days or 2 weeks notice isn't possible). 
If you do a late/last-minute booking, you accept these terms. 

Do you charge for Public Holidays?  

Yes, during Term Time if your booking is Regular (not Casual), and falls on a Statutory Holiday or a Teacher Only Day/Parent Interview Day, then you will be charged the regular rate. If you book for a Teacher Only Day full-day programme, the regular care cost for that day will be off-set on the Teacher Only Day fee.  


Do I qualify for WINZ?  

Please contact WINZ as your subsidy is related to your circumstances.  You need to do this at least 2 weeks BEFORE your child is due to attend Play Time as WINZ need time to process your application.  If your application is not processed before you require care for your child/ren, you will need to pay in advance as per usual payment procedure and once WINZ pays Play Time, you will be refunded the portion that WINZ has paid on your behalf.


I qualify for an Oscar subsidy, I need my forms signed. 

You must have made your booking because we need to put this information on the Oscar forms.  If you are already a winz client, please email forms to admin@play-time.co.nz and we can submit on your behalf - or if you would prefer to submit, then we will sign the provider page and get the forms back to you.  For more information and forms see here.


Which WINZ form should I use? 

For more information about the WINZ process and for which form to use, click the Oscar Subsidy Info box (the blue box in the middle).


I don’t have Internet; how can I book? 

If you are already registered, simply txt us and we can make the booking.  If you're not registered and don’t have internet, ask the staff for paper enrolment forms or download them here and when you get them back to us, we’ll enrol your child.


Do you provide food?  

We provide a light Afternoon Tea at After School Care as per the Weekly Planner. Toast or Sandwiches are available every day for those children who don’t want the alternatives offered.  During Holiday Programme:  a light Afternoon Tea is provided for children booked Long Session.


Do you cater for special diets?  

We provide gluten free crackers and fruit for gluten free children. If your child requires more than this, please pack extra for them.

What do you do at After School Care? 

Click here and scroll down to see the daily routine.

What do you do at Holiday Programme? 

Click here and scroll down to see the daily routine.

Do I have to drop my child off at 7.30am/8am during the Holiday Programme?
No, you do not.  If we are onsite you can drop your child off at any time.
If we are going on a trip, we may ask you to drop your child off earlier (it will usually be by 9am).


Can my child bring their device (mobile phone, iPad, etc)? 

We prefer children not to bring devices as we provide a variety of activities to keep children busy, focused and occupied. However, they may bring devices at their own risk and play during free time. We do not allow other children to watch them while they’re playing.


Do you do homework?  

We provide homework supervision, not tutoring, for the 6pm (Long) Session children at 4.50pm-5.10pm. We call for Homework and children must come to us when we do this. We do not force children to do homework and we will liaise with parents if children refuse. We find this non-threatening method works well. Please let us know if your child must do homework while with us and we’ll do our best to encourage them to complete their homework

Do you sunblock the children?  

We practice sun safety from September to April (Term 4 - Term 1) so children must wear hats. We provide sunblock which we apply before going outside. If you have a preference for a particular type of sunblock, we suggest that children bring their own, either kept in their bags or labelled with their name and we can keep at the venue.

If you have a question that isn't answered here or on our website, please feel free to contact us
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