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July Holiday Programme booking is open!

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Children from all schools are welcome at any of our holiday programmes. 

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Note: Matua Community Hall Holiday Programme is operating from the Otumoetai Primary School, with its awesome facilities. 
Please book under Play Time Otumoetai.

School-Based Programmes  These remain onsite at the school for the day, except where trips are indicated 

Community Centre-Based Programmes  These have more trip days, and programmes may join together as indicated on the planners



Children from all schools are welcome at our Holiday Programmes!

Action packed with activities to keep busy bodies, little fingers and active minds engaged. There are plenty of opportunities for children to expand their interests by getting involved in arts and crafts projects, puzzles, baking and cooking, roleplay and theatre sports as well as active games and excursions.

We've had fantastic feedback from both parents and children, and many great friendships are formed between the children during their time with us.

If there's anything else you would like to know please contact us

School-Based Programme Daily Routine

7.30/8am – 10am       Children arrive, supervised choice of activities (see play / activity choices offered below), enrichment (structured) activity offered

10am – 10.15am        Roll, morning tea (children must sit down and have morning tea, play stops while we eat)


10.15am – 12.30pm   Enrichment (structured) activities offered, swimming in summer at relevant schools


12.30pm – 1pm          Roll, Lunch (children must sit down and have lunch, play stops while we eat)


1pm – 3pm                 Enrichment (structured) activities offered


3pm – 3.15pm            Roll, afternoon tea (children must sit down and have afternoon tea, play stops while we eat)


4pm - 5.30pm/6pm   We put a Movie on at 4pm as a chill-out time after the busy day (only child-friendly animated movies) but many activities are still available at this time to children who prefer to play.


We try to cater for all interests and offer a variety of enrichment (structured) activities. Children do not usually have to join in any of the scheduled or enrichment activities as there are other activities for children to engage with.


We encourage children to engage in a variety of activities during the day, and we also encourage them to suggest games they would like to play on the day.


Play / activity choices always available:  Lego/blocks, cars, playdough, colouring pages/drawing pages, board games, Uno, dolls/house/shops/dress-up/imagination play, playgrounds, music (dancing, singing, musical statues), air hockey, fooseball, x-box (only active movement games such as Just Dance or Sport, with 15 min limit on turns, no hand-held controls), active/running games

Enrichment (structured) activities offered:  at least one in the morning and one in the afternoon (these will be indicated on the Holiday Programme brochure)

Call Thurla: 021 1919 222  Email:  Tauranga, Bay of Plenty New Zealand

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