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Holiday Programmes


October Holiday Programme is Under Construction!

Click on your venue tab to find out more and see the activity flyer. 
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If you're not sure where to find Play Time Holiday Programmes, check here!


Play Time Greenpark

Located in the Greenpark School Hall

Click here to see the flyer

Click here for a direct link to October Holiday Programme booking

Children from all school are welcome 


Play Time Greenpark Absence Txt Number:  022 427 5784

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Children from all schools are welcome at our Holiday Programmes!

Action packed with activities to keep busy bodies, little fingers and active minds engaged. There are plenty of opportunities for children to expand their interests by getting involved in arts and crafts projects, puzzles, baking and cooking, roleplay and theatre sports as well as active games and excursions.

We've had fantastic feedback from both parents and children, and many great friendships are formed between the children during their time with us.


We've tried to answer all your questions in one place so there's heaps of information on the activity flyers and also on the FAQ page!
But here are more "Frequently Asked Questions" specifically about the Holiday Programmes!
This Handbook also has heaps of info!

Do you have space? Bookings are approved in the order they are booked - the early booker gets the space! :-) So we cannot tell offhand if we have space - we suggest you jump online here and book. For holiday programmes, the PayNow feature automatically secures your booking.

Where is it held? The address is on the flyer (top right hand side). The address is also shown on Enrolmy (the booking platform) and it's listed on the tabs above.

What does my child need to bring? Bring a big PACKED lunch, appropriate clothes and shoes for the activities, a SUNHAT from September to April. This information is also on the flyer. Please NAME all belongings.

How do I book? Jump online here. Choose your venue and click to book! If you don't find your venue by scrolling, use the "filter" function.

I can't get there so early, it is okay to drop off later than the start time (7.30am/8am)? ONSITE DAY: Yes, if the programme is an onsite day, you can drop off anytime that suits you. TRIP DAY: If it's a trip day, please drop the child/ren off at the time specified (if not specified, the Lead Supervisor will advise you what time you need to be there)

I might be early picking up, is that okay? ONSITE DAY: Yes, if it's an onsite day then we are there all day and you can collect any time :-) TRIP DAY: If it's a trip day, please check with the staff on dropoff what time we'll be back

If I can't collect my child by the end of the session I booked, what happens? If you've booked a School Day, then your session will switch over to the Full Day and the extra charge will be invoiced to you as a separate invoice. If you arrive later than the end of the day, you will be charged $1 per minute late fee.

I'm a WINZ client, do I still have to pay the invoice? If your subsidy has been confirmed, then you will need to pay the Parent Portion by the Due Date on the invoice. If your subsidy has not been confirmed, then you do need to pay the invoice by the Due Date. Any amount that winz subsidises can be refunded back to you once received.

What age children is this programme suitable for? Age 5 - 13 yrs The children attending are mostly in the middle range of that age group.

I don't want my child/ren to go on a trip, can they stay onsite? Only if there's an onsite day option advertised - then you can book the onsite option. If the only option advertised is a Trip Day, then there is no one onsite (the trip may be planned because we need to vacate the hall for another group or the school may require the hall for maintenance etc) Play Time has many convenient venues, so If you are able to drop your children off at a different Play Time venue, check if they have an onsite day available :-)

Does my child need to attend the school the programme is at? The programme is open to children from all schools. Children do not need to attend the school the programme is delivered at.

Can my child bring a relative/friend from a different town/school? Yes, you can book a relative or friend - but you will need to add them to your profile in order to book them. Only booked children are permitted to be onsite with Play Time children

Is there a sibling discount? There is not a sibling discount. There is a "Full Week" booking option which includes a discount (excluding extra cost activities). The Full Week booking discount is automatically calculated when the booking is made.

Should my child bring extra cash? No need to bring cash - extra fees are shown on the flyer and are included in your invoice when you book these activities.

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Bring all your energy and great ideas and be ready for heaps of fun!

Sept-Apr: Apply sunscreen before arriving and bring a hat!


If there's anything else you would like to know please check our faq page 

Playground fun | PlayTime OSCAR Programmes | After School & Holiday Care | Matua | Tauranga | Papamoa | Te Puke | Arataki
Pool fun | PlayTime OSCAR Programmes | After School & Holiday Care | Matua | Tauranga | Papamoa | Te Puke | Arataki

School-Based Programme Daily Routine

7.30/8am – 10am       Children arrive, supervised choice of activities (see play / activity choices offered below), enrichment (structured) activities offered

10am – 10.15am        Roll, morning tea (children must sit down and have morning tea, play stops while we eat)


10.15am – 12.30pm   Enrichment (structured) activities offered, swimming in summer at relevant schools


12.15pm – 12.45pm   Roll, Lunch (children must sit down and have lunch, play stops while we eat)


12.45pm – 3pm           Enrichment (structured) activities offered


3pm – 3.15pm            Roll, afternoon tea (children must sit down and have afternoon tea, play stops while we eat)

3.15pm - 4pm            Afternoon tea for Long Day session children, enrichment (structured) activity offered, as well as child-directed play


4pm - 5.30pm/6pm   We put a Movie on at 4pm as a chill-out time after the busy day (only child-friendly animated movies) but many activities are still available at this time to children who prefer to play.


We try to cater for all interests and offer a variety of enrichment (structured) activities. Children do not usually have to join in any of the scheduled or enrichment activities as there are other activities for children to engage with.


We encourage children to engage in a variety of activities during the day, and we also encourage them to suggest games they would like to play on the day.


Play / activity choices always available:  Lego/blocks, cars, playdough, colouring pages/drawing pages, board games, Uno, dolls/house/shops/dress-up/imagination play, playgrounds, music (dancing, singing, musical statues), air hockey, fooseball, x-box (only active movement games such as Just Dance or Sport, with 10 min limit on turns, no hand-held controls), active/running games

Enrichment (structured) activities offered:  at least two in the morning and two in the afternoon (these will be indicated on the Holiday Programme brochure)

Click here to see Terms & conditions.    

if you still have questions,please  contact us

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