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Cancellation Policy is 1 rolling week notice - If over 1 rolling week notice, please cancel your booking in ENROLMY.  (admin do not process cancellations, these must be done by yourself/the person who made the booking)

Winz clients: please be mindful of your obligations regarding booking changes (see T&C's, Parent/Caregiver Handbook (pg 3) and Winz Subsidy Info Sheet).


If under 1 rolling week notice, please TXT your VENUE NUMBER (number is below). Child will be marked absent (the session is not credited). 

Please don't expect a reply - staff will see the txt when they come on duty and will mark the child absent.


Play Time Arataki
020 4010 8250


Play Time Bellevue Primary

020 4196 0663


Play Time Fairhaven School
022 190 6593

Play Time Golden Sands School
020 4010 9834

Play Time Greenpark

022 427 5784

Play Time Pāpāmoa Community Centre

020 4195 1738


Play Time Tahatai Coast Holiday Programme

020 4195 1738


Play Time Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa 
020 4186 4899 


Report Absences / Cancel Bookings

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