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Matua and Fairhaven Holiday Programmes

Our December and January Holiday Programmes at Matua Community Hall and Fairhaven School are open for booking now. PlayTime Holiday Programmes are packed full of a range of engaging activities to suit all children 5-13yrs old, from those that want to expend heaps of energy running around, we have the staff that can do that with them! To those that would prefer to be creative at the arts and crafts table, or singing and dancing! And then there are the children who just want to do it all !!! We have enrichment activities planned each day, but these are not compulsory and children are able to choose if they would like to join in, or would prefer to do other activities. We operate a respectful programme, and enjoy feeding back to parents at the end of the day (if they have the time) on what their children enjoyed during the day. We have a closed Facebook page where we post snippets of our day too. We would love to hear from you to answer any questions.

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